Welcome to PeakEta.com 

PeakEta deliver solutions, services and interim management support to aid technology partners entering or expand in EMEA, providing executional excellence via best-in-class business development, marketing and sales by utilizing direct and indirect ecosystems.  


We Bridge your business with Europe 


Our reach is the European market with its 400 million people. 

Our Technology focus is IT and primer IT security in any form, Software, Apps or Hardware, where we have excellent contacts to your suspects or prospects. 


Peaketa relates to a business ethos of providing our business partners the maximum output from their investment in Business development, sales & marketing, as well as channels and alliances models.


We offer a money back guaranty if (e-ROI) expected return of investment is not met. We can make this promise because we know we say what we deliver, and we deliver what we say.